Case Studies

Consulting Services


The Utopia Group worked with Concentrix, a division of Synnex Corporation to establish a presence in Central America. Utopia Professional Services worked with Synnex to identify partners in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. UG President David Anderson worked closely with Concentrix executives to negotiate acquisition of positions within the companies, and worked closely to develop the organizations' delivery capabilities. Project duration over a year.

Occidental Business Services (Acquired by Concentrix in 2009)

Utopia Professional Services has a long term relationship with OBS, one of the most dynamic  small Contact Centers in Costa Rica. Since 2007, UPS has served as a retained advisor to OBS, and assisted in almost every facet of the operations development. UPS has provided technology consulting, training and business process consulting and general business development services for OBS. 

Intelligent Outsourcing

Utopia Professional Services was hired by Intelligent Outsourcing to develop their call center business. Through aggressive business development services, training and other consulting, IO grew from 8 seats to over 50 in less than six months. David Anderson worked closely with the IO management team to develop a business model, recruit clients and to eventually become a partner of Concentrix.

Press Two

David Anderson worked closely with Press Two for over a year to completely revamp their IT Group, systems and processes, acting as their Director of IT, Anderson was able to clean up software piracy issues, fix some major Voip issues working with P2 providers and establish standards for network use.

Myron Business Gifts

Utopia Professional Services worked closely with Myron to evaluate locations and Partners in Central America. Once a partner call center was identified in Nicaragua, UPS was responsible for Project Management and overall Operations and technical management of the operation for more than a year.  When Myron decided to relocate their call center to Honduras, the Utopia Group was involved in the decision making process up to the actual relocation.

Grupo Karims

Utopia Professional Services was contracted to develop a Call Center business for Grupo Karims, one of the largest multinationals in Honduras. Working closely with the General Manager for the project, UPS spent four months developing the business and technology plan for the call center project which was eventually delayed. 

Innovative Contact Solutions

Utopia Professional Services was responsible for the design and implementation of Innovative Contact Solutions, a small boutique call center in Guatemala City, Guatemala. We planned the operation, developed the technology platform, established preferred providers and helped negotiate everything from floor space lease to complete technology platform. UPS also provided them with the assistance of a top tier sales and marketing consultant to help them develop a pricing strategy. From initial planning to implementation took slightly less than four months.

Wireless Development

Palma Real Hotel

The Utopia group helped to create a market for WLAN in Costa Rica. PDA Utopia installed the first public wire (less network at the Palma Real Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica in January of 2002. At the time, 802.11x technology was relatively unknown in Costa Rica. Through a series of seminars and other activities with Cisco, GBM and SonicWall, Utopia Group was responsible for promoting wireless technology in Costa Rica to the point that use of Wifi is now common in both business and home use.