Customer Experiences

I hired David Anderson to explore investing in Central America. I found out about David by the many word of mouth recommendations of people I talked to that had used his services. He brings with him an expert knowledge of the geographic locations, business contacts and pitfalls of Central America. His guidance was invaluable in helping us get started. I extended his contract twice, well past the original scope of our agreement, as he continued to add value to the process we were going through. It is always a pleasure to work with David.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Chris Caldwell
COO Synnex Corp.
Hired David as a Business Consultant in 2008

David Anderson is a focused, hard working and experienced person with deep knowledge of the Costa Rican and Central American Call Center industry. Initially we engaged with him on opposite sides of the bench, he representing his customers and us bidding for work- he has been extremely professional, honest and has done his homework very well. Most recently he was hired by a world class BPO & KPO company to find candidates for M&A in the region. From his contacts he selected the companies, assessed them, introduced them to his customer, followed up on the deal, and made it happen. After that he has been a key in the deployment of new projects. Manfred Kissling

In the five years that I have known David, I have found him to be someone who is always willing to take a new perspective and offer a different approach to familiar challenges. His pioneering work in establishing Grupo Utopia, as THE call center consulting company in Central America speaks for itself. David is also a man who takes the larger view of the world, beyond the short-term demands for business profits.”  Stephen Sherman 
Vice President 

In the three years I have known David Anderson I have been impressed with his dedication to any endeavor he has been involved with. In a variety of capacities I’ve seen, interact and have been mentored by someone that’s not only organized, efficient, extremely competent and with a vast experience in the BPO / Contact Center industry, but a gentleman that has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, nationalities and ethnic background. His advice and corrections always came with explanations that helped me understand why it was necessary to do what he suggested I should do. In summary, I highly recommend David for any position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Jonathan A. Brown
Onsite Project Manager
Myron Business Gifts

I want to recommend Mr. David Anderson as a professional, efficient, and experienced consultant in the Contact Center Business. Mr. Anderson is responsible for helping to build and transform I.O. into a successful outsourcing center. David is a great friend, honest, and a man of his word. I highly recommend him. Marcello Gonzalez
Intelligent Outsourcing

David is a great human being and he is the right business partner to work and grow the company and human resource, he knows and has true understanding of contact center industry. He has helped me a lot to become successful, and he brings a lot of knowledge to improve our service. David has been working with us as we launch our contact center service, he has an extensive list of contact, David has the presence with new potential clients, to bring any organization credibility, finally I would like to say that David is one of most intelligent person that I know, and I have been a honor and pleasure work with him and I would be honored to work with him or for him at any time. Julio Norori 
Operation Manager
Intelligent Outsourcing

David Anderson is an authority in the IT and contact center business, one of the capable and knowledgeable executives and consultants in this industries in Central America. He is a resourceful professional, with a broad and extensive experience, definitely an out of the box strategist. He is responsible for the development of a completely new industry in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. David's know how and technical abilities make him the right choice and a reference for the IT, BPO's and Contact center companies in the region.”  Ruben Sorto 
Corporate Marketing Director
Grupo Karims

David has been working with us as we launch our contact center service delivery organization in Central America. His contacts are extensive and his knowledge of the region and the outsourcing business amazing. His tact and honesty enable him to move fluidly through the maze of business details necessary to successfully launch a new delivery. His presence with potential clients lends credibility and value added perspective. David is very intelligent and decisive. I would be honored to work with him or for him at any time. Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding David's fit for any opportunity”.  Ron Petrie
VP Professional Services & Business Process Outsourcing, 

David is one of the hardest working persons I know. His commitment and enthusiastic approach to the projects he works on is very contagious and admirable. I look forward to working with David in the near future.”  Roger Conrado 
President - CEO
GVC Partners

“Dave defines call center guru, particularly in his sphere of expertise-- Latin America. Dave was one of the first to pioneer call center outsourcing in Latin America in the mid 1990s and he continues to be a go-to guy for knowledge and resources. Dave's partnership spirit, business ethics and his magnetic personality make for a powerful combination. Dave has been instrumental in assisting us with geographic diversification in Latin America and we plan to do many projects together.”  Nick Jiwa
Business Development and Outsourcing
CustomerServ, LTD

Working with David has been an inspiring and educative experience. His solid network and proven track record definitely confirm that he has a deep understanding of the various aspects of the call center industry. His insight and expertise in the Central American region is unparalleled, whether you are looking for an outsourcing partner or for seasoned consulting on how to start a call center from scratch.”  Christian Perez 
Chief Operations Officer
Press 2

“I met Dave while working on a very strategic project at GBM. Dave brought to the table key CRM insights which allowed GBM to differentiate itself from the competition. His mastery of designing, developing and implementing customer service centers in challenging environments is unequaled. Dave will roll up his sleeves and will do "whatever it takes, plus more". Having worked all over Latin America, I'm always impressed in finding can do / will do people... it was gratifying finding David early on while working in Costa Rica.” Antonio (Tony) Planos
General Manager - Solutions and Services 
GBM Corporation

“Like Johnny Appleseed, David Anderson has been essential ingredient in the growth and expansion of the contact center industry in Central America. With a keen sense for detail, diplomatic disposition and enchanting literary talent, David has become a well-established expert in this emerging market. I have met few people that like me has experienced first hand the obstacles and opportunities involved in establish a contact center in Central America. Although winding and unpaved, the treasure at the end of the road is great. I would be happy to work with David in the future, as I share his commitment to quality, honesty and integrity.”  Aileen Bejarano
Contact Center Marketing Manager 

David is a bright, energetic, senior executive that has an excellent understanding of the Central America nearshore markets. David was one of the pioneers in near shoring many years ago in Costa Rica. Due to this experience he became a regional expert for companies that needed consulting to help them make their migration as seamless a possible. I highly recommend David as an industry leader in offshoring to Latin America. I did try to hire him several times with no success due to his demand in the market.”  Randy Harris
Sitel (Now with eTelecare)

David keeps an open mindset and positive attitude like no one else I have seen in this business, and that I believe makes him most successful, particularly with the challenges faced in the offshoring industry, domestically and abroad. I have seen many clients that are accompanied by their "site selection or vendor selection consultants", and have seen a big difference in David's superior service when he accompanies clients through a selection process, really.”  Estuardo Robles 
Business and Economic Development, City of Guatemala

“Upon embarking on my first entrepreneurial leadership challenge five years ago one long lasting business relationship I quickly kicked-off was with David Anderson, President of Grupo Utopia. As the first executive to bring a major American call center operation to Central America, David has gained the reputation as a very knowledgeable source and continues to demonstrate the ability to bridge the industry as it continues to evolve with the unique particulars of the region. With David at the helm, Grupo Utopia has been instrumental over the years in advising and in the execution Admire Americas' business plan. David's wealth of business insight, technology application knowledge, and local professional contacts were critical to successfully establishing our operation. Admire Americas, and I in particular, am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Grupo Utopia and look to build our relationship further as we embark on to the growth phase.

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Rogelio Douglas

“Having the pleasure of working with David Anderson was an outstanding experience to learn from. David's ability of directing and managing people surpass my expectation. Definitely his future in the outsourcing industry in Central America is wide open. The sky is your limit David!”  Silvio Mendieta-Rios 
Sales & Marketing Manager
Press 2

“I know David’s work since he was at Acer. It was one of his first babies down here in Costa Rica. David Anderson for me is the call center “guru” in Latin America. I fully recommend him and his company. ”  Juan Vega 
Advanced Calling Solutions

“David is a remarkable individual that cares and is truly passionate about what he does a true connoisseur of the call center world with a life time of experience. Anyone can benefit from his wealth of knowledge, energy, attention to detail and responsiveness. He is one of the leading experts in call center operations within the Latin American region. I highly recommend.” January 22, 2008 Manfred Alvarez

“David is an individual with energy that delivers an immediate, positive, first impression. In my dealings with David and his company, he consistently represents himself at a high level with equal amounts of intelligence, integrity, and logic. He brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table, across many verticals and lines of business. He is one of those unique individuals that is able to speak intelligently, and with experience, on a vast array of "bottom line impacting" business processes. There is no guesswork or worry about hidden agendas with David; he is a fair and honorable business professional. He is highly recommended!”  Nick Schauder 
VP/GM, B2B Services
ICT Group

“David Anderson is a BIG man - physically, emotionally and mentally. I had the pleasure of working with him in 2006 on a suite of management development programs in Costa Rica. Initially these were rolled out in the company's Call Centre but the response from participants was so positive that his remit was extended to cover all non Call Centre managers as well. David has high integrity; he says what he thinks and listens to (and learns from) feedback. He works incredibly hard and fast, and delivers a great product. He's personable and able to relate to all types of participant. I questioned my own assumptions when I met him, being pleasantly surprised (and delighted) to find this level of professionalism in Central America. Of particular value to me was his willingness to be used as a totally confidential sounding board.” January 18, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Anne Sherry
Hired David as a Business Consultant in 2005

“David is a great professional with a Deep knowledge in Call Centers and wireless technology.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Ramon Aguilar
Senior VP 
GBM Corporation
Hired David as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired David more than once

“I have been using the services of David Anderson (Grupo Utopia) since June 2006 as a CAll Center consultant in the areas of: Central America Site Location, Outsource partner identification and evaluation, Technology solutions Management and staff recruiting. I have been extremely pleased with David’s expertise, knowledge of the industry, connections, sense of urgency, work ethic, flexibility and high ethical standards. He is a pleasure to deal with and was the key resource in our search and set-up of our Central America pilot outbound sales operation. We intend to maintain a relationship with David as we explore other projects in the region. I highly recommend David to anyone looking to do business in the Call Center arena and endorse him without hesitation. You will not be disappointed” January 14, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Allan Courneya
General Manager
Myron Business Gifts
Hired David as a Business Consultant in 2007, and hired David more than once